Download Cube Solitaire and secure your entertainment as Omicron comes to the USA

Download Cube Solitaire

Did you plan to binge-watch Broadway shows this festive season? Or catch Saturday Night Live as a studio audience? Hate to be the Grinch who ruins Christmas, but several Broad shows have been paused, namely Aladdin and Hamilton. Even Jagged Little Pill, the Tony-award-winning Broadway musical, has closed production.

Unfortunately, the saga doesn’t end here. Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, and Paris are some of the cities that have canceled in-person New Year’s Eve celebrations. While preparations for the outdoor gathering in Times Square for New Year’s Eve are still going forward, New York’s mayor has expressed his concern.

Wondering who to blame for the year-end events being canceled or paused? Omicron! The COVID variant has quickly spread globally and is presently the dominant variant in the USA, amounting to 73.2% of all infection cases.

Luckily, all’s not lost, and Americans can continue to have fun but at home. However, it is best to take proper measures to stay safe since times are uncertain and studies are still underway regarding Omicron’s potency to evade the immunity created by vaccines. There’s nobody better to keep you company during such tumultuous times than Cube Solitaire. If you’ve played the classic Solitaire card game before, you already know how to play Cube Solitaire. All you need to do is download the Cube Solitaire game, and your year-end entertainment is set.

Benefits of downloading Cube Solitaire right away

As mentioned above, researchers are unsure if Omicron is a milder variant. But they are sure that it is spreading rapidly, and the US hospitals are pretty overwhelmed. So there’s no point adding onto that pressure. So that’s your first benefit of playing Cube Solitaire on your mobile devices. Other benefits include:

  • You don’t need to step out of your house to get your entertainment fixed. Everybody knows how the streets and traffic can get during the festive season. Moving a few blocks from your apartment may take you more than an hour. Instead, you can get a warm blanket, relax on your sofa, put your feet up and fix yourself a warm chocolate drink to sip on while you play Cube Solitaire. It’s the perfect plan!
  • It is an online game, and therefore, you can play it anytime and anywhere. Whenever you feel bored, open the game and start building card sequences.
  • The game can help you socialize virtually, so you don’t feel alone during the festive season. You can play 1V1 games and participate in tournaments. You’ll get matched with real human opponents.

Playing Cube Solitaire online: a short guide for beginners

Still unsure? Is it because you had not played Solitaire before and worried you might falter at learning the rules? Not to worry! The following guide covers your fears, and then you’ll have no more reasons to download the game right away.

  • Basic rules

Each Cube Solitaire game lasts for five minutes, and you need to score the highest to win. The game is played with a standard deck of fifty-two cards and four suits. You need to solve the deck by moving and arranging the cards in descending order. Ensure to check the suits before placing cards. For instance, if there is a five of spades, you have to place a four of diamonds on top of it. On the other hand, if you place a four of hearts or clubs, it will not be counted as a relevant sequence. The sequence is made when the cards are arranged from Ace to King in alternating colors but of the same suit.

The game board comprises seven tableaus, a stockpile, and the foundation pile. There are also two buttons – the undo and submit button. When you have successfully arranged the deck in a sequence, transfer the stack of cards to the foundation pile.

If there’s an empty tableau, you can only move a King card. Tap on the stockpile to draw more cards when no more moves are left. The game’s objective is to place the cards within the foundation pile before the timer runs out.

If you think there are no possible moves, tap the submit button to end the game early. You will earn timer bonus points.

The game controls are pretty simple. Players need to drag the card from one tableau to the next to arrange them in proper sequences from Ace to King.

  • Tips for playing Cube Solitaire

First, make it a priority to free the downward-facing cards to open more options. Second, when you are faced with the prospect of multiple moves, keep in mind there’s an undo button. If the move you have chosen does not work in your favor, tap the undo button and make another move. Third, do not leave spots empty if you don’t have a King card. Otherwise, you are wasting an entire tableau. Fourth, when there’s the option of placing a black or red King on the empty spot, look at the cards on your game screen and make a decision. For instance, a red Queen needs a black King.

So, don’t let Omicron dampen your holidays. Thanks to Cube Solitaire online, you don’t need to step outside to have fun. Download the app, and you can have a great time indoors and even win cash rewards by partaking in tournaments. Keep in mind the rules and tips mentioned above and start playing. Best of luck!