Rajkot updates news:when will the tesla phone be released

Rajkot updates news:when will the tesla phone be released

As Elon musk does crazy things everybody is so curious to know about when will the tesla phone be released? So is there any sign of tesla’s phone? Are the rumors are true? Let’s deeply analyze when is Tesla phone coming out and how it will compete with the Apple iPhone and Samsung Android flagship smartphone.

Hi Guys, I’m DK and today we will checkout on Tesla phone.

There are some rumors that Twitter/X CEO Elon Musk might launch the Tesla Phone soon in the market and they have named it too i.e. model Pi Phone.  As per these rumors, the price of model Pi phone would be reasonable and it will be packed with innovative features and most powerful hardware.

Those who believe they have also revealed about the Tesla model pi phone release date.

But unfortunately, it is in the cold state now. As you know the end of 2023 is near and there is no update on when will the Tesla phone be released in near future.

So those who waiting for it, they still have to wait till 2024 or 2025 as the Tesla is working to build a futuristic that can be operated by your thinking ability.

What is Tesla model pi

The Tesla model Pi phone will be designed same as other smartphones that available in the market. So from design point of view, the shape, thickness, size would be like latest iPhone 15, Samsung S23, and One Plus 11 R but the biggest feature of this would be its connectivity which can blow your mind.

As other phone provide the 5G connectivity, the Tesla Pi model phone is all set to provide mind blowing connectivity with the starlink to meet the needs of consumers across the globe. This phone not only support the 5G, but also will be packed with world’s fastest internet connectivity which allow the downloading and uploading speed up to 150Mbps/s.

So those who would like to stay connected they can use the Tesla phone and you can use it from any part of world.

Tesla Phone Specifications and Features

As this phone is under development to target each and every customer of world. It has been speculated that Musk is all set to provide each and everything of top quality at lower price that can compete with other mobile phone brands  like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, MI, Motorola, LG, Oppo Vivo, and Huawei.

So as per the leaks, the phone will have 6.1 to 6.3 inch full HD display which you can easily use in the sunlight to view the current data or to run the apps smoothly.

Though it is a flagship phone and will either run Android OS or Tesla OS, you can get world’s fastest chipset from the brands like Snapdragon or MediaTek. It wouldn’t be surprise if Tesla phone come with brand new Tesla Chip as the company is working on neuralink brain chip technology from a long time.

Apart from that the phone will be packed with 256GB storage which you can use to store the valuable items like raw images, videos, audios, pdfs and other files like apk file etc. To run all these operations smoothly without any lag 6GB to 8GB RAM as per the variant will also be provided.

The hardware of this phone would be powerful to mine the crypto currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin etc.

Like other phones, a camera setup will also be provided which help you to click awesome photos. It is speculated that the pi model of Tesla phone will feature 50 MP setup in the rear side along with 2 more camera to capture the details, while the front face camera of 16MP will added to take selfies or video calls on WhatsApp, Google meet etc.

As the phone is backed by starlink technology, so all of you can easily upload the raw photos, videos of high quality in few minutes. This phone will take the downloading and uploading speed to the next level. So even if you’re on hills or dark Jungle you can still make calls and communicate with others without any signal issue.

And to run all these operations a 5000mAh battery will be provided which you can easily charge with a USB type-c fast charger of 100w. Those who love wireless charging they can buy its wireless charging feature packed variant which you can charge without any charging brick or cable.

It has been also revealed on some platforms the outer panel of this would would contain solar cells to charge phone using the solar energy without any cables or wireless charging docks.

Apart from that, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC to share file, 5G connectivity will also be provided. The GPS will also be the part of the phone so you can navigate from one place to another using the Google map app.

Now from audio point of view, the phone will be packed with dual speakers in the bottom and the volume of these speakers can be controlled with volume buttons which you can find in the left or right side of the model pi phone along with the power on or off button.

Tesla Phone and Other Big Giants

The Tesla phone has all potential to disturb the mobile phone market. This company is quite big and owner of Telsa aka Elon Musk is the richest person of the world.

As Elon recently bought Twitter which was developed by Jack Dorsey, and now Elon has changed the twitter to X and also changed the logo to make this platform unique and also enabled the feature to upload Reals to give tough fight to Instagram, Enabled Short Video Monitization like YouTube and also made the Blue Tick features paid.

So seems with Tesla Phone, Elon Musk is all set to disturb all market players who control the business. It is speculated that in 1 shot, Tesla will disturb the following sectors which are captured by big tech giants in whole world.

Tesla Phone Can Impact Mobile Manufacturer Market

That’s true, Tesla phone will compete with the popular mobile brands like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus.

As the company is planning to launch the flagship phone in budget range and all set to offer top class futuristic features, then it will be the first option among users.

The price of this phone will set around $999 for base model and it will goes up to $1199 with special starlink subscription and some exclusive discounts.

When this will happen the market size of Apple and Samsung will shrink and Tesla will make profit.

Tesla Phone Can Impact Telecom Market

As this phone is specially designed to connect with starlink satellites so you can communicate any time from any place. The strong chances are that Tesla phone might come with Tesla eSIM, so this way seems the telecom providers will have to face new a player and this will shock entire world.

As soon as the phone will launch in market, you can see how Tesla stock will jump. It’s not only Apple or Samsung who will face the dominance of Tesla, the other big players like who provides and data and mobile call facilities to customers like At&T, Verizon mobile, Airtel, Vodafone will face big threat.

  • USA: AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, T-Mobile
  • UK: Vodafone, BT Group, Virgin Media O2
  • Canada: BCE, Rogers Communications
  • India: Airtel, VI, Jio
  • Turkey: Türk Telekom, Turkcell
  • Luxembourg: Millicom
  • Germany: Deutsche Telekom, KPN, Drillisch

Tesla Phone Can Impact Mobile OS Market

At present the market share of mobile OS is dominated by  Google Android OS and Apple iOS comes at second place. It’s been more than 15 years, the Android has captured 70% market while iOS is used by 26% people in whole world.

But now seems Tesla OS will compete with these players and all set to capture 30 to 40% of mobile OS market in first 3 years of Tesla phone launch.

The game not will end here, Tesla will also compete with OS gaints and it would be very interesting to see how iOS and Android will manage it in upcoming years.

Final Words

Though the launch date of Tesla phone pi model is not yet confirmed but this is quite clear that when will the tesla phone be released in market, its not the phone market but also the telcom market, and mobile os market will heavily impact and Elon Musk will become the richest person of this planet for a long time.

So guys what do you think when Tesla phone will be launched? Would you pre-order and buy the Tesla Phone or stick with iPhone / Android smartphones?

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