Top 5 Apps to Keep an Eye on Your Boyfriend


Two important traits of any strong relationship are trust and honesty that make any relationship strong but sometimes partners don’t understand this condition and step above this line. One difficult time comes a partner finds that their partner is cheating on them. There can be many different reasons for it. At times partners indulge in the situation voluntarily whereas other times they’re quite innocent to know what they are actually doing is wrong. For this reason, people look for an option to learn how to catch your boyfriend cheating.

Nothing to worry! Here, we will look at the top 5 apps to keep an eye on your boyfriend or girlfriend that can help you to spy on your cheating boyfriend text messages, calls, WhatsApp, Viber & Facebook Messenger conversations. Let us check out some of the top software in this market and use them to accomplish all our tasks!

1. Couple Tracker

The first option on our list is Couple Tracker and it is available easily on your Google Store. Both girlfriend and boyfriend must consent to allow their digital activity to get checked so that they will easily monitor the calls, GPS location, texts, and Facebook activities from the far distance. One important thing to note here is both of them can approach 30 characters of one another’s texts; and they will be able to track the GPS locations within 30 minutes of time.

2. Spyine

Another best alternative to know how to catch your boyfriend cheating on you will be through Spyine. It is the best and most trusted spy application in the market according to its latest reviews that were published by major media platforms. A person can privately and safely monitor as well as derive details from Android and iPhone devices. The spy app holds very strong repute in this market while it comes to secrecy and advanced features. The app is loaded with some features that you must go through.

3. mSpy 

mSpy is the leading app today in the market, which offers you everything that you want in times of any suspicious activity. The app provides you highly feasible and impeccable application for the spouse monitoring. The monitoring software runs at incognito mode as well as offers you with the comprehensive logging functions. You may remotely keep the tabs on various activities happening on the target’s smartphone. Keeping the users on the top priority mSpy provides different functionality features in various packages. The app is loaded with some amazing features and will help to spy on anyone you want safely.

4. Spyzie

Next comes Spyzie and it is another best application if you want to spy for your cheating spouses. The app offers you all the important services like access to messages and calls, Whatsapp, Facebook, browser history, and much more. It is simple to use: So, all you have to do is to create the account and activate its software onto a Target Phone and begin monitoring from the control panel of this software. Spyzie app comes highly compatible with Android phones & iPhones and is widely used by the people across the world.


Last but not least is Xnspy, it is one highly powerful & non-intrusive spy app, which helps you to monitor different activities of the cheating spouse. With an advanced feature, you may view the call history, contact list, text messages, photos, emails, as well as videos at just $4.99 monthly. You may also access multimedia files and chats that are shared on the instant messaging applications, such as Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.

You also have an option to listen to the call recordings & surroundings, too. You can now track down the GPS location on your cheating partner or create the geo-fences for the closer watch. Xnspy app sends you the instant alert over your “Watchlists” for contacts, words, locations, as well as email addresses, and therefore you may monitor all their activities without even letting them know about it!

Final Words

So, these are some of the apps that will help you spy on your boyfriend. Having said this, it is important to maintain complete transparency with your partner and give them enough space that they do not feel a need for cheating or lying to you. So, these apps will help you know how to catch your boyfriend cheating.