Backpacking to Myanmar? Here are a few Things to Know


We all look forward to the day that our bosses approve our leave applications so that we can have time for leisure, which, as you are well aware, is essential. Enjoying PlayCroco Casino Bonuses and games, reading, learning new recipes, and traveling the world has been found to have health benefits such as reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular complications, and alleviating stress.

If you are looking to travel during your next holiday, then there is probably one thing you have yet to decide, and that is where to go. You are not alone, most travelers often have no clue where they want to go, and you are in the right place. Myanmar would be a beautiful place to visit.

Myanmar is among the tourist destinations that most people go to unwind. It is a Southeast Asian country famous for having over 100 ethnic groups. It is a destination rich in culture nature, amazing topography, and everything you would be looking for in a travel destination.

Backpacking in Myanmar is an experience that you would not want to miss: there is a lot to learn and see. Here is what you need to know in the spirit of being fully prepared for a backpacking trip in Myanmar.

  1. The best time for backpacking

If you want to get the most out of your vacation, you should verse yourself with the climatic condition of your destination. Ideally, most people do not like to travel during wet seasons or when it is snowing. The dry season is usually from October to early June. As usual, you should expect so many people to visit around this time. To be safe, you should choose a time when you are least likely to run out of space for accommodation. That time is from November to February. You will enjoy the best weather in Myanmar, and at the same time not experience high traffic of tourists.

  1. Pack some conservative clothes

As much as we like to carry shorts and other minimalist clothes, you might want to pack some light conservative clothes too. Otherwise, you will be getting ‘the look’ from the locals. If you can find yourself an Indian longyi, it would be great; you will get the approval nod from the locals.

The appropriate dressing style in Myanmar includes clothes that go below the knees and above the shoulders; with this, you will avoid the uncomfortable and unnecessary attention. If you are planning to visit the temples, adherence to the dress code is a must.

  1. Have the Myanmar currency in cash

It is a digital era, and, in most countries you visit, you will be swapping plastic for your bills most of the time. Well, when backpacking in Myanmar, you are better off having cash. The Myanmar currency is Kyat, and 1,500 Kyat is 1 USD. While there are ATMs available, it would be best to exchange the currency before, to save money on withdrawal charges. Also, remember that restaurants in the country only accept cash.

  1. Transportation

Tourism involves movement, and it is vital to have information regarding the means of transport in Myanmar. The best way to navigate the cities and different points in Myanmar is via taxi services called Grab. They are very affordable. There are also buses and trains for transportation. However, you need to avoid a motorbike as prohibited: you do not want to get on the wrong side of the law.

  1. Safety

It is crucial to know if where you are going to spend hours or even a couple of days is safe. When packing for Myanmar, this is one of the questions that will cross your mind. Myanmar is a safe tourist destination, and you can walk any time of the day and night without a worry. All the tourists who have visited Myanmar have only good reviews about the destination. Myanmar people are kind and are not the type of people to scam you.

The local people are honest, attentive, and always ready to help you out, as opposed to taking advantage of you. Also, do not panic if you notice that the locals are giving you stares, it’s always out of curiosity, and they are looking to make friends with you and maybe take a few pictures with you.

  1. Carry your own bottle of water

To get the most out of Myanmar tour, you are encouraged to mingle as much as you can with the locals. This includes buying food from the local vendors instead of focusing on the expensive restaurants, in order to have an authentic feel of the Burmese cuisine. While that may be the case, you are at the risk of having issues with your tummy if you are not too careful.

Some of the vendors don’t pay much attention to cleanliness. It would help if you, therefore, looked for a food joint that cares about hygiene. Also, taking bottled water will lower the risk of you developing stomach upsets.

With the information above, you can start planning for a breathtaking stay in Myanmar. It is a safe country to travel, and there are tons of cultural diversity to enjoy. Get your Visa ready as you must have this to travel to Myanmar. Think about using a transport booking app when there as the country’s transport network still has a long way to go: this will save you a lot of headaches, especially in delays.