Bingo Online Can be as Good as The Real Thing?


Over the past few years, online bingo has absolutely rocketed in popularity. There are many reasons for this but the main reason this year has been the global pandemic. Bingo halls have had to shut down which means that the only way for people to play a proper game of bingo has been through online barbados bingo games. Some older bingo players have been against online bingo, arguing that it doesn’t accurately capture the bingo hall experience. While this is true, there are many other aspects of online bingo that can make it arguably as good as the real thing. 

More Choice 

The first thing that you will notice when you first sign up to an online bingo site is the amount of choice that is available to you. When playing at bingo halls you are not given much choice, with the option of game being decided by the hosts and organisers. If you fancy trying a game of 80 ball bingo then through online bingo sites you will be given that option! The selection doesn’t end with the number of balls you can use in a game either, players can even choose what sort of jackpot they would like to compete for! There are progressive, fixed and even sliding jackpots available at online bingo sites! 

Online Bingo Community 

While it can’t physically capture the sense of community players feel when playing in groups at the bingo hall, there is no denying that the online bingo community is a success in its own right. Many players sign up to online bingo sites just because of all the positive things that they have heard about the community, it is a welcoming and friendly environment, even for inexperienced players. 

Big Prizes 

Even though you are playing online, there are still many chances to win big prizes! Online bingo has become notorious in the past few years for the prizes that players can win, with some players winning a life changing sum of money. Unlike other forms of gambling, these players typically only spend a few pounds before they end up winning it all! This is because of the nature of a progressive jackpot, if the jackpot is not claimed by the end of a game it steadily increases its amount for the next game. If the jackpot goes a long time without being claimed it can reach truly high amounts of cash! It’s so exciting playing for these prizes because of the nature of bingo itself, anybody has a chance to claim the prize. All you have to do is choose the correct numbers, something that is easier said than done.


Ultimately, the main reason why online bingo is as good as the real thing is because it takes the same game as regular bingo but manages to offer players a completely different experience. They both have thriving communities of players, however the way these players interact with each other is completely different. The amount of choice that players get also gives online bingo a completely different feel. As to which variation of bingo is better, we’ll leave that for you to decide.