Does a Demise Await Console Gaming in the 5G Era?

Console Gaming

Few can argue that consoles haven’t dominated the video game industry for several decades. The Magnavox Odyssey laid the foundations in 1972, and companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have since taken the sector to new forward-thinking heights. However, Naoki Yoshida, the Final Fantasy producer, believes that the growth of 5G is the start of a non-console-dominated era.

It’s no secret that 5G will change the face of gaming, as it will allow mobile developments to come to the fore. As a result, this move towards a wireless future enables cloud-based streaming creations and popular online gambling markets, such as bingo, to compete with AAA titles. So, let’s look at whether consoles will struggle in the 5G era.

Online Bingo Platforms Have Created the Blueprint

It’s no secret that 5G opens the door to a more user-friendly gaming future. With faster download speeds and low latency, the latest cellular network gives rise to a wireless gaming future. Yoshida describes the current console-dominated outlook as “time-consuming entertainment” because of the slow loading times, as per the Financial Times. The same isn’t true of mobile alternatives, like bingo platforms, which focus on providing accessible all-action immersion.


Nowadays, some of the most popular online bingo games are available at Paddy Power, which strives to provide players with a bettor-friendly portable mobile experience. The platform’s offerings will only be enhanced by 5G’s widespread arrival and continued development, as titles like Cash Cube Slots and Opal Fruits will run seamlessly while on the move. Currently, AAA console titles don’t share Paddy Power Bingo’s flexibility, nor will they benefit from 5G as much, which indicates that a decline could be on the horizon over the coming years.

Striving to Become the Global Standard

Online bingo titles are already thriving in the digital era, but their popularity is only likely to grow as mobile networks become more advanced. This is also true of other genres within the remote market. However, that time will only come when 5G becomes the global standard. If Yoshida is right with his prediction, not being tied to hardware or a monitor is a direction that the gaming industry will go in as wireless networks continue to develop.

PUBG Mobile

At the time of writing, mobile gaming is the world’s fastest-growing market, which showcases that the console crown is beginning to slip. Smartphones like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, for example, have enhanced remote gaming experiences through their advanced hardware. Not only that, but 5G transforms mobiles into a revolutionary gaming platform by providing more responsive gameplay. As a result, Newzoo forecasts that the console market will endure an 8.9 percent decline in 2021, while mobile platforms will grow by 4.4 percent.

5G Holds the Key to the Mobile Rise

Few can argue that a changing of the guard doesn’t potentially await the gaming industry. Although the mobile market has been on the rise for some years, 5G is the catalyst for a more competitive sector. With faster speeds and lower latency, cloud gaming and online bingo will reach new portable heights, which consoles can’t mirror.