How Can You Lower CPC Cost in Your PPC Campaign


Each and every PPC agency aims to get the most out of the least. PPC Campaigns are the best away for marketing but constructing your campaign properly needs some measures like lowering down the CPC (Cost – per – click) costs. Some of the foolproof ways this process can be conducted are as follows:

Put in more long-tailed keywords

Since keywords have a financial association, the more people will bid on a keyword; the higher the bid will get into. Adding in high competition keywords is believed to procure better sales, but that also gets you a high CPC cost. Instead, if you can cleverly select not such popular long-tailed keywords it will serve a two-fold purpose – firstly it will decrease your CPC cost, and also some of the potential ones can actually provide you with desirable results.

Going through the landing page

Your landing page credibility somewhat affects your CPC cost, hence making sure a few things in it is very important. Never rush with your editing, take things one at a time. Firstly, do not always choose to redirect your customers to the home page but rather to the product or service page. Secondly, your page designing must be comprehendible. Thirdly, build various landing pages for various products and last but not least experiment with your landing pages cleverly, i.e. opt for potential and thought-out risks.

Insert more negative keywords

CTR and CPC are directly proportional to each other, i.e. if you have a lower CTR, your CPC cost will be more and vice versa. Hence to have a good CTR, you need to avoid irrelevant searches which can be done only by placing negative keywords. They basically help in displaying your ads to potential viewers who have searched relatively or have the intention of purchasing it and keep away unnecessary divergences.

Modify the bids according to situations

A bid can be quite variable, that is it can change with the change in few factors like location, times, devices and days. Before placing a bid look into matters like which device among mobiles, tabs, etc. perform the best or the countries, areas, etc. bringing in major traffic or the worst and best days for selling, etc. Such that, you can redo your bids – like you can make the ads run on mobile devices more for its higher ROI or raise your bids for a certain state, etc. to lower down the CPC costs.

Choose manual bidding among all

Normally users choose automatic bidding where you just feed the system with a budget and let Google do the rest. But you are aiming at lowering your CPC cost than making a shift in the process from automatic to the manual is necessary. When you are handling it by yourself, you start by setting a bid close to the average CPC cost. Along with that, you work on getting hold of sale generating keywords, increasing the bids on which will give out more sales. So that by the end, you get to have different categories of keywords.


These are the major ways to cut down your CPC costs in your PPC Campaigns there are also that can be added to the list like picking on low bid keywords, use the technique of geo-targeting, etc. but these 5 are the most popular ways.