What are Megaclusters Online Slots?

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Slots have been around for a while now and the introduction of online casinos has brought about unique innovations. One game engine set that looks on course to create a revolution in the world of online mobile slots is the Megaclusters online slots.

This innovation came about by the people who created Megaways who used the same idea and concepts to create something special. But what are Mega cluster online slots? Keep reading to find out.

What brought about Megaclusters?

The Megaways slot mechanic was designed and created by Big Time Gaming. It came as a game-changer in the world of online casinos. Big Time Gaming is currently attempting to cause another revolution with the Megaclusters game engine. This game is a departure from the regular fruit machine. It combines elements of classic cluster plays game engine and adds some layers of gameplay to give an exciting slot format.

What are mega clusters?

Slots using the Megaclusters mechanic have a close similarity to the standard clusters that play the slot. In the standard pays game, the player will create a winning combo by getting some matching symbols. Such clusters are often composed of matching symbols. When the player has a higher cluster of matching symbols, it increases their chances of winning.

What Big Time Gaming has done is to take the basic formula and included an extra level for the Megaclusters slot. 

What are the features of Megaclusters online slots?

Some of the outstanding features of the Megaclusters online slots are different from what is obtainable with others. Here are some outstanding features of the Megaclusters online slots. Some

·        Win multipliers

This game sometimes comes with two wild symbols which act as substitutes for other icons on the grid. This special wild symbol often brings a win multiplier which starts at 1x and increases by a unit each time it is found in a winning combo. One unique thing about the multiplier is that there is no limit as it keeps increasing until the game is reset to its basic game.

·        Free spins

If you are playing the Star Clusters slot game, using five consecutive avalanche wins will give you free spins. This means you may have access to other bonuses and one of such bonuses pops up when the multiplier offers other free spins when it gets to 10x. This means the player will have a better chance of hitting it big.

·        Avalanche

This avalanche feature becomes activated when the person playing gets 5 as a winning combination. When this happens, they can disappear or explode off the reel. As it is with the actual avalanche, the new symbols take over from the disappearing ones. This makes the game have a bigger payout.

Final thoughts

Although Megacluster slots represent a new concept currently, they have shown enough promise for the immediate future. Some believe this innovation could exceed the performance of Megaways. The concept has seen wide acclaim and acceptance among enthusiasts as the rewards are many.