Here Are The Best Wireless Earbuds One Can Buy In India Right Now

best wireless earbuds

Gone are the days when you need to carry along over-the-head headphones to enjoy a very good quality of music on the go. Wireless earbuds have advanced a lot in the last few years and companies are now focusing on improving battery life as well as output quality.

Obviously, for an audiophile, nothing beats a wired pair of headsets that deliver near perfect analogue output.

But, when you are travelling and simply need a hands-free for calls, or occasional music while transiting along with great battery life, earbuds will be your best buddies. While core audio product companies have been making them for years, the launch of the AirPods has drastically improved the demand.

While AirPods themselves are a perfect pair, they’re restricted to the Apple devices. And, it’s always great to have options. Here are the top wireless earbuds available in India right now.

1. Apple AirPods:

The Best Wireless Earbuds One Can Buy In India Right Now© Apple

Apple AirPods carry exactly the same vibe as the iPhone, they are carefully designed and built for the average Joe. They connect to your iPhone seamlessly, as every Apple device does in the ecosystem. The wired earpods are definitely the best in-box earphones we’ve used, and the AirPods continue the legacy, via a wireless medium.

The earbuds deliver up to 2 hours of talk time, 5 hours of music playback, and take just 45 minutes to fully charge. They come fitted with dual beamforming mics, optical sensors, a motion-detecting accelerometer, and a speech detector. The case itself is a portable power bank and can quickly charge your AirPods when not in use.


2. Samsung Gear IconX:

The Best Wireless Earbuds One Can Buy In India Right Now© TheNextWeb

While Apple has the AirPods to compliment the iPhone, Samsung too has the IconX to compliment the S-series and N-series. The twist here is, you can use the IconX with any iOS or Android device. The earbuds also come with onboard 4GB storage meaning you can keep your phone aside an go for a run worry-free.

The inbuilt accelerometer doubles up as your smart tracker and keeps a note of your steps and pace. The audio quality is on par with all flagship earbuds but these also offer ambient-noise setting via the Gear Manager app. It can stream 7 hours of local music and 5 hours of on-mobile streaming and overall offer much better battery life over the AirPods.


3. Bose Sound Sport Free:

The Best Wireless Earbuds One Can Buy In India Right Now© Bose

These are the most comfortable earbuds out there and have a very secure fit. These also come with an IPX4 rating, meaning they are sweat resistant. For the gym, these are definitely most recommended. The sound is perfectly balanced in terms of highs, mids, and lows to give a complete experience.

It works with both, Android and iOS and comes with support for digital voice assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant. The mic is also top-notch and calls are crystal clear. The wireless earbuds can last up to 5 hours on a single charge and can be extended with the carry case by an additional 10 hours.


4. Jabra Elite 65t:

The Best Wireless Earbuds One Can Buy In India Right Now© DigitalTrends

These are another pair of truly wireless earbuds that sound great, last up to 5 hours on a charge and have a free companion app. They come with IP55 water and dust resistance rating along with a 2-year warranty. Even these are immensely comfortable and connect instantly to your phone.

The left bud controls volume and track and the right bud handles answering/ending calls, play/pause and queueing up the digital assistant. The buds feature passive noise-cancelling but slightly miss out on music quality. The charging case provides up to two additional charges, bringing the battery life up to approximately 15 hours.


5. Sony WF-SP700N:

The Best Wireless Earbuds One Can Buy In India Right Now© RTINGS

These fit comfortably and sound good for truly wireless headphones in the flagship segment. Built-in noise-cancelling helps muffle ambient sounds and the output can be toggled through various pre-set equalizer modes. An included charging case delivers two additional charges though they have just 3 hours of streaming on a single charge.

The Sonys performed decently but aren’t great as a headset for making calls. Unlike these, both the AirPods and Jabra earphones deliver sound in both buds when you’re making calls.


6. Anker Z2000 (ZOLO):

The Best Wireless Earbuds One Can Buy In India Right Now© Zolo

A slightly budget-friendly pair in the premium segment, they come with graphene-enhanced driver technology that has decent music output and an extended battery life of 40-hours, including the case charge.

They are built with a sweat resistant casing and a specialized hydrophobic nano-coating and come with super-soft liquid silicone ear tips and jackets. A single button on either earpiece gives you complete control of your music.


7. Crossbeats Air:

The Best Wireless Earbuds One Can Buy In India Right Now© Crossbeats

The most pocket-friendly option, they have been built to last and to fit snugly in any ear. They boast 6mm high power drivers that churn out above average music output. Three modes are included-  Stereo Mode, Share Mode, and Single Mode.

They are IPX5 sweat resistant and perfect for running, jogging, hiking, yoga, exercises, gym, fitness, travelling and etc. They have 3 hours of music streaming capability on a single charge.